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  1. Liability

  2. The liability of Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com is limited. Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com acts only as agents for the passengers in all functions pertaining to airport transfers, tours, attractions, hotel reservations and accommodations, restaurants, meal and services, sightseeing tours and transportation of whatever nature, and assumes no liability for injury, disease, theft, damage, accident, lack of fun, anger, disappointment, anguish or annoyance (physical or mental).We accept no responsibility for additional expenses due to delay or changes in schedule or other causes. Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com, and his suppliers reserve the right to vary itineraries in order to improve each transfer or tour to the travel members enjoyment and advantage. Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com, and their suppliers reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any transfer or tour departure in accordance with operational requirements.

    Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com states the following:

    We are not responsible for acts or omissions performed by any person or party other than Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com or its employees All the photographic content displayed on our website are for representative means and do not guarantee that upon your arrival to the destination, everything will be exactly as portrayed. The descriptions of the travel services are constantly updated by Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com although this does not guarantee that the services will be exactly as described upon your arrival to the destination. Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com reserves the right to refuse a/o limit any person, whether he/she is a customer or not, when deemed necessary. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items left in the vehicle. Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com reserves the right to deny the service if the passenger is intoxicated and/or under the effects of any drug/chemical substance.

  3. Price, Payment and voucher issue

  4. a) Prices

    Price quotations are subject to change without previous notice. If for any reason the price quoted is not correct, the team of Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com will contact you for authorization. Tips/gratuities, services not described in the product’s description and all other purchases of a personal nature are not included.

    b) Payment

    All airport transfers, tours or any services provided by Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com must be pre-paid unless otherwise stated. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards. Secure Payments will be processed by PayPal.com a/o Stripe.com. You will be charged in USD at the conversion’s rate applicable on the date of your booking.

    c) Voucher issue

    After payment, Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com will send a confirmation/voucher by e-mail: this voucher has to be printed or have an e-copy of such voucher, as proof of purchase and will be presented to the service provider. All information regarding the travelers should be correctly given at the time of booking. All requests for modifications/amendments must be sent by email to Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com. We cannot be held responsible for any problem that may occur if you don’t receive or read carefully your confirmation/voucher.

    We will not be responsible for any incorrect or incomplete information that may be provided by the client at the time of booking that can lead to problems when performing the service requested.

  5. In case of a delayed flight, flight date change or problems upon arrival.

  6. a) In case of a delayed flight, we reserved the right to cancel the service if such flight is delayed for more than 6 hours, we will refund 50% of the total amount paid.

    b) Change in date or time without prior notice will result in a 10% fee of the total amount paid because of administrative expenditure. We are not responsible for flight changes that may occur on the same day as the service.

    c) Upon the arrival of a flight, we reserve the right to implement a No Show after waiting for a set period of time, no longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes. If we cannot contact the client in any way or form after such period of time we will not refund the amount paid for the service because of administrative and logistics expenses.

  7. In case of changes/modifications after booking or upon departure.

  8. a) We will not be responsible for any changes that have not been made as well as confirmed via email by at least a 24-hour notice. This will apply to any changes made to (such as but not limited to, time of pickup, Hotel/Lobby, number of passengers, etc.)

    b) We are not responsible for tracking your flight or any change your airline might make upon your departure, this includes but is not limited to a change of time/date of flight etc.

  9. Cancellations, refunds, and procedure to cancel a booking

  10. a) Full reimbursement

    Will not apply in the case of delay, cancellation, interruption or reschedule of a service by Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com by any reason including (such as, but not limited to, weather or climate conditions and phenomena, hurricanes, earthquakes), inconveniences which may occur either by reason of defect, or as acts of government or other civil authorities (war, civil disturbances, strikes, etc.) or from any cause beyond Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com control. Full reimbursement will not apply if the passengers violate any of the statements in the “Terms and Conditions”.

    b) Cancellation fee / refund

    Except otherwise stated, Airport transfers, tours or any services purchased canceled without due notice are subject to a cancellation fee according to the following scale:

    -7 days or more before the service begins: You will be charged a 0% cancellation fee of the total amount paid.

    -6 to 3 days before the services begin a cancellation fee of 20% of the total amount paid.

    -2 days before the beginning of the service a 50% cancellation fee of the total amount paid.

    -The day of the service or after the date of the service a 100% cancellation fee of the total amount paid.

    c) Procedure

    Full cancellation of services previously confirmed by Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com must be followed by a confirmation of cancellation from Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com. We will not be responsible for any cancellation not confirmed back to you and might debit the relative no-show charges.

  11. Diverse

  12. – Each customer has to check he/she has the appropriate documents for his/her journey especially (but without limitation) if he/she booked transfers or any transportation service including flight or visit of a country different from the country of departure. He/she has to own a passport (with visa if necessary) or a valid ID card. No refund will be granted in case of lack or loss of ID documents.

    – Smoking on board vehicle is strictly forbidden.

    Any booking made with Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com will be governed by and subject to the Terms & Conditions. No variation to these Terms and Conditions shall be of any effect unless made in writing by and with the authority of Transfers-USA, Transfers-USA.com.

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